Amid our core focus of utilization of sound real estate principles, each market for a proposed RCA property is scrutinized to ascertain feasibility. Particular attention is paid to employment, economic, and demographic characteristics when determining the viability and depth of each market.

Additionally, our RCA team reflects on the physical components of each project. Each site is chosen for its prime location and ease of development.

Product type is another important factor that our team thoroughly considers. The RCA team specializes in responding to the varying demands of each market and implementing cost effective designs and market-oriented amenities.

The RCA team has vast knowledge and experience in working with various experts and streamlining the development process with local municipalities.
Significant relationships have been built with a nationwide pool of reliable, profesional multi-family and market rate consultants, leaders in lending and mortgage banking, and various for-profit and non-profit partners.

Our direct and honest relationships with lenders, investors, consultants, and partners have gained RCA a reputation for integrity and reliability. When you work with RCA, you work in the midst of a remarkable team and directly with the principals who remain fully accesible throughout the entire process. 

RCA professionals provide assurance that the architecture, building materials, landscaping, and building placement complement the surrounding environment. 

While conferring with community planners, we personaly manage every aspect of construction to ensure that our property is of the highest standards among the industry. Meticulous attention to detail from the ground up, means that our completed properties always meet and exceed designs pecifications. With RCA, we will surpass your expectations in property development.

Some pictures about our work: